UK specialists in pharmaceutical and healthcare market research recruitment


Qualitative Medical Market Research Recruitment

We have a combined experience of over 30 years in the qualitative market research industry performing healthcare and medical market research for numerous clients.

We can handle all of your pharmaceutical market research project needs from start to finish. We book venues, organise catering, moderators, note taking and transcription services.

We have a team of specialist medical fieldwork recruiters based across the UK and Ireland who have many years of experience in this field, therefore we are able to conduct research in all the major cities in the UK and Ireland as well as the smaller towns and cities. We can also provide specialist/experienced moderators should you require them.

We are able recruit all types of healthcare professionals and patients;

  • To central locations all across the UK, Ireland and Europe
  • For telephone interviews
  • For In Office/In Home Interviews
  • For Online Studies

We regularly recruit;

  • Specialist doctors of all levels and all specialities
  • Patients and Carers
  • Pharmacists – Retail, Hospital and PCT based
  • Nurses and Specialist nurses of all grades
  • PCT, SHA and SCG Members
  • Payors and KOL’s
  • Dentists, Hygienists and other Dental Staff

Quantitative Healthcare Market Research

We regularly conduct quantitative market research studies of all sizes with healthcare professionals and patients. We are able to set up the project and organise the recruitment and conduct the research as necessary.

Consumer and Business Market Research

Although the core of our business is pharmaceutical market research based, we often undertake consumer and business to business research. We have a network of specialist recruiters across the UK.


We recently used Stella and her team at Oracle for the recruitment of GPs for groups and depths across the country. Having also approached other recruiters, it was clear from the outset that Stella knew her onions about how to tackle this potentially difficult to recruit audience and who to include in the sample etc. While others claimed it could be difficult to get GPs in a room together and that one might need to allow for no-shows, she had no such qualms and was confident in her ability to deliver. Her team recruited well to the spec and there was a full turnout at the groups and for the depths, with respondents all proving helpful and articulate. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Oracle again should the need arise, or to recommend them to others. Thanks, and wishing you all the best for the future.

Nanda Marchant, Managing Director, Added Insight LTD