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Here at Oracle we have an in house team dedicated to market research recruitment. We specialise in medical / pharmaceutical / healthcare recruitment, and have experience recruiting healthcare professionals and patients for every medical subject possible. We have an excellent recruiter / interviewer network which covers the UK and Ireland and work with several agencies in Europe and the USA.

We handle both large and small fieldwork projects for our clients across the UK which includes both qualitative and quantitative research projects.

Our clients include full service agencies; independent researchers; pharmaceutical companies; marketing and communications companies and advertising agencies.

We like to have a pro-active role in the research process and our clients often ask our advice on feasibility and logistics at the proposal stage.

No project is too challenging for our team, and we like to think we have a “can do” attitude to any project or be able to offer solutions to potential problems that may arise at recruitment stage.

Our team is led by Stella Frost, who has over 20 years industry experience.

Please contact Stella Frost to discuss your recruitment requirements on 0161 284 8889 or by email on For more details see our Contact page.

What do our clients think?

We recently used Stella and her team at Oracle for the recruitment of GPs for groups and depths across the country. Having also approached other recruiters, it was clear from the outset that Stella knew her onions about how to tackle this potentially difficult to recruit audience and who to include in the sample etc. While others claimed it could be difficult to get GPs in a room together and that one might need to allow for no-shows, she had no such qualms and was confident in her ability to deliver. Her team recruited well to the spec and there was a full turnout at the groups and for the depths, with respondents all proving helpful and articulate. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Oracle again should the need arise, or to recommend them to others. Thanks, and wishing you all the best for the future.

Nanda Marchant, Managing Director, Added Insight LTD

Oracle is one of the top market research field service agencies in the UK. Oracle excels in recruiting both physicians and patients for healthcare projects. They understand my objectives and offer creative solutions to meet my recruiting needs for challenging studies. For my international projects, I benefit from Oracle’s in-depth understanding of the UK healthcare arena. Their pricing is competitive to that of their competitors. The staff at Oracle is consistently responsive to all inquiries. All of this is accomplished in a timely manner. Deliverables are always received on time, as promised. It is a pleasure to work with Oracle.

Just a quick note to say how much I appreciated your efforts in recruiting participants for our health research in the North West – that is twice now your recruiters have come up with the goods in tight timescales. Can’t ask more than that.

Having worked with Stella and her team for over 5 years, I can honestly say that I’ve never experienced any problems. Oracle are very much a get the job done company. I have every confidence that when I go to Oracle that the job will get done and I don’t have to worry about it.

We are consistently impressed with the excellent service that Oracle provides us and the outstanding level of support they provide. This has ensured that every project they have recruited on our behalf has been extremely successful and helps ensure our clients can have confidence that we will do an excellent job for them.

I have used Oracle for recruiting a variety of complex – and some downright difficult – recruitment projects and they have always delivered delightful respondents, to spec. on time, every time.

You are by far the best agency in the UK (and boy have we tried many).

Oracle are just about the most responsive bunch of people we ever deal with, not just in terms of functional things like turnaround times and so on. With regard to briefing they ‘get it’ in an instant and have often added value to the process by helping us profile the right respondents… Their knowledge and insight is fantastic and it’s frequently saved us wasting time, money and effort in the wrong direction.

I have used Oracle for recruiting a variety of complex – and some downright difficult – recruitment projects and they have always delivered delightful respondents, to spec. on time, every time.